Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA)

A complete HRA solution for multiple participant plans where the employer desires the ability to reimburse all qualified medical expenses including individual health insurance premiums.


Plan document packages are delivered electronically in 15 minutes or less.


Our Price: $79.00

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All HRA Plan Document products come complete with all required documentation needed to establish and administer a plan. Documents come complete with:

  • Formal Plan Document including:
    • ​Corporate Resolution
    • Uniform Glossary
    • Designation of administrators and privacy officer
    • Federal Marketplace Notice
    • COBRA and HIPAA requirements (if applicable)
    • Benefit Description and provisions
    • Review Processes and timelines
    • Participation restrictions and periods
    • Coordination of Benefits
    • Funding provisions
  • ​Summary Plan Description
  • All required Schedules and Exhibits
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverages
  • Employee Benefit Plan Notifications
  • Employee Election Forms
  • Employee Expense Claim Forms
  • Administrator's Guide 
  • HRA eTrack Expense Tracking 
    • HRA Self-Administration Software
      This do-it-yourself software can save a plan administrator dozens of hours over the course of a plan year.HRA eTrack is an excel base administration program that tracks HRA allowances, claims, distributions and balances.

​All HRA Plan Doc clients have access to email support to obtain guidance on regulatory requirements, business structure, owner participation and plan design. We work with you to answer all of your questions so you can administer a simple, compliant HRA.

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